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how to make money from youtube

You tube is now one of the best and popular way to make money.Most of the people in this world doesn,t know how to make money from youtube. So today here i am to tell you about how to make money on youtube easily.

So first of all you have need to follow some thing to do youtubing.And obviously you have must known about youtube.I mean what is you tube,how need to do youtubing.And how to make money by doing youtubing.

After know everything about have need to go work in this way.

Create an account on youtube

Customize your youtube channel

Choose your niche

And start upload high quality video

Get youtube authority monitize

Show ads in your youtube videos

Get sponsered and paid promotion in your videos

Make affialiate marketing

Overall doing everything make money from youtube.


What is you tube:

You tube is one of the best social media all over the the world.Where millions of peoples show millions of video everyday.Where you can get huge number of videos. Present time you can get any type of videos on youtube easily.

So youtube become the best videos platform all over the world.Where peoples upload their videos.And obviously most of them upload their video for doing youtubing.

I mean most of them upload their huge number of videos depends their their niche and showing google ads and also show sponsered ads in their videos and make huge number of money from youtube.

When you know completely know about what is youtube.Then you have need to know

How to make money from youtube:

Youtube is a best platform where you can make money easily.But most of them people does,nt know how to make money from youtube.Now listen carefully about this.We all know that everybody can upload their videos easily and can show their videos to everybody.

But by only showing video to everybody nobody can,t make money from youtube. You can make money only by showing google ads,Sponsered ads,Affialiate marketing ads and many kind of ads in your videos.

When anyone will show your videos and if in your videos come ads and if they show your ads,click or buy anything the you will get money.And only in this way you can make money from youtube.


Now for make money from youtube. You have need first

Create an account on youtube And customize:

For make money on youtube you have need first to create an account on you tube.So for create an account on youtube you have need an google account. Use your google account sign up your youtube account.Set up your channel name,description.

And also put all information what needed to make your account 100% fulfil at last verify your youtube account by your mobile number.When you customize everything then your account will become 100% ready and you will become ready to upload your videos and obviously make money from youtube.


Choose your niche And make videos:

After create your youtube complete account. You have need to choose your niche.I mean what type of videos you can upload.That you have need to choose.

So choose your best niche.Accordingly your best expertise.And after choose your nice make high quality videos.With high quality sound and background and obviously accordingly with your title.

As much beautiful videos you can make.That much you can earn money from youtube.Beacuse without best videos you cannot make no money from youtube.

So choose your niche and make best videos for upload on youtube.


Upload videos on youtube.

After make good videos you have need to upload it on youtube.For upload your videos on youtube.Make your video title first after keyword research.Find the best keyword for your video title.So for upload your video go to upload option.

Then set your title.Then upload your video file.After complete it write your video description in description box.After done it set best tags for your video.After done everything click publish and publish your video.

Apply for monetize through google adsense on youtube:

When your video start viewing everybody. Then you can apply for monetize.But present time youtube has a rule.That is for apply for monetize you have need minimum 1000 subscriber and 4000 thousand watch time.When you fulfil this requierment.

Then you can apply for monetize your youtube channel.Once you apply for monetize.Then youtube review your application.If you fulfill all of the requierment. then youtube authority will be monitize your youtube channel.You become able to show ads on your youtube videos from google adsense.

Once google start showing ads in your videos.Then you will start get money from google.You get money from google based on how many ads show in your videos.If in your videos come many ads then you can get huge money.

So this is the most easy way in the world to make money.if your income start then you will get money also when you sleep.So this is the best way to make money on youtube.

Make money from youtube doing affialiate marketing:

Affialiate marketing is one of the best way to make money from can marketing your affialiate links/products in your youtube videos description.Now when anybody will show your videos and show your description.

Then If they click and buy something through your link then you will get money from your affialiate.So this is the another best way to make money from youtube.

Make money from youtube doing sponsered ads:

You can income huge amount of money from youtube from sponsered ads.If your videos have huge view comments.And if your channel have huge subscriber. Then many big companies will be wish to sponsered.

Then you can take huge money from these companies for marketing and showing their companies ads in your videos and many place.So this is the another easy way to make money from youtube.But for doing this you must have need huge view and subscribers.


Make money from online tips

So here is the all ways to make money from youtube.You can apply any way for make money from youtube.And obviously for make money through these ways. Follow these instruction perfectly and make high quality videos.

If you want to know about theĀ most perfect ways to make money from online. Then stay with us and get the latest updates aboutĀ make money online

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