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Best Keyword Research Tools

keyword research tools
keyword research tools

Here is the Best keywords research tools

If you think that you want to do blogging or youtubing. And earn money from online. Then you must need  a website and youtube channel.And for make money from your website and you tube .

You have need to do rank your site in google.But do rank in google.You have need best keywords must. here is the best keyword research tools.

Without best keyword research you cannot do rank in google. And you cannot make money from your website. So for find the best keyword .You have need  best keyword research tools. For your website ranking and make your website better and beautiful.

You can find many keyword research tools in internet. But all of  them never gives you the right and perfect result. If you can use only these best keyword research tools.

Then you can able to find the right and perfect result. What actually help you to do rank your article and your website in google.


So don,t get frustrated to find the best keyword for your website. Just use this best keyword research tools and get the best keyword


Here is the best keyword research tools for doing SEO and rank your website.


2.SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool.

3.SERPStat Keyword Research Tool.



Based on my SEO experienced i think that the five things is more important. And this fives thing have in best keyword research tools which are:


1.keyword suggestions : It gives the best relevent keyword suggestions.


2.Search volume: It gives the result of the monthly people,s search volume for any keyword.


3.SERP analysis : It show a result on website analysis, website rank,title, da and pa).


4.Data filtering:It must show keyword mentions and cpc rate.


5.Keyword difficulty:It show the result of how much difficult this keyword to rank in google.


I would like this 3 keyword research tools for all of these criteria. Each tool give me the best result. What is the more helpful to do SEO for website.


Here is the details about all of the keyword research tools


1.KWFinder keywords research tool

Number of keyword suggestions Suggested: 954 keywords.


This tool show the huge number of keyword suggestions releated your search.


Data Filtering :

This tool show the excatly mention and cpc rate by data filtering for any keyword.


Search volume trend:

The search volume trend is nicely set. Get in organic KWFinder vogue with all the info you’d expect. So i think this is the best tool.


Keyword difficulty:

They calculate it supported SEO stats. (DA, PA, MR, MT force from MOZ) of the pages on the primary page of Google.


In my work, I found KWFinder’s SEO issue metric to be astonishingly correct. Plus, it’s straightforward on the eyes.


SERP analysis:

KWFinder’s SERP analysis is super straightforward and straightforward to digest. However, they’re exploitation backlink knowledge from MOZ, that isn’t an ideal supply. Perhaps they ought to admit shift to Majestic API.


You can  use this tool pro version. For get the best result for only $18 per year try it


2.SEMRush Keyword research Magic Tool


Number of keyword suggestions:

Suggested: 440,273 keywords


All excellent result show in semrush keyword magic tool. For that this is other best keyword research SEO tools.


Data filtering:

Semrush keyword magic tool show the excatly result. What regarding the data you’d expect to filter.


Search volume trend:

A good amount of search volume trend. Show this semrush keyword magic tool for the last 2 years. it does not show the past month. Search result but it also show the demical score. Whice one show you the best search volume. So i think, this is perfect seo tool for keyword research.


Keyword difficulty:

This tool also show the best keyword difficulty. How is the accurate percentage scope to rank in google. By doing competition with other website keyword.

I assure you all that this show the accurate keyword difficulty rate. What is most benifited for you to choose any keyword. So this is best  keyword research seo tool.


Serp analysis:

In this best keyword research seo tool. You will get the best website, competitor analysis. By see the keyword competitor pa da google placement.

Link you can understand that the keyword privilage. it,s right for your website.

So i think from my using experienced this keyword research tool is best. This is show the best result to find best keyword for your website.


You can  use this tool pro version for get the best result for only $19 per year.try it


3.SERPStat Keyword Research Tool


Number of keyword suggestions:

Suggested: 149,003 keywords


SERPStat Keyword Research Tool show also the good number of keyword suggestions. Around the result of semrush keyword magic tool result.


Data filtering:

This tool show the good filtering option.


Search volume trend:

This tool show the good average search volume. It does give you an overall result of the search term’s popularity over time.


Keyword difficulty:

Serpstat keyword research tool count their keyword difficulty. Based on a number of various subjects. such as backlink profiles of the top8 search results.

Their Page Rank domain othority and Trust Rank. And on-page matter such as keywords in title and URL.


You can  use this tool pro version for get the best result for only $20 per year.


Some words about this above citeria

I used some words about describe this citeria. That,s all are genuine i used these keyword research. Seo tools after follow this citeria.


Keyword sugesstions

This is the main thing you should always research keyword. After see this how good or how releavent keyword can give this keyword research tool.


Keyword difficulty

You should remind one thing more that is the how difficult is it. I mean keyword to rank in google. After see this in keyword research seo tools. You should do decide what one is give the best result. And start keyword research.


Serp analysis

This is the other most import thing. To choose any keyword research tool for your keyword research.


Because it show you how much problem will you face if you use this keywor. Beacuse it,s already exist  already in other high pa and da website.


Why i am not using google adword  keyword planer

From past year google keyword planner show off . The accurate result for any keyword. Thats why for save my time and get accurate result. I use this above keyword research seo tools. For keyword research.


Final thought

At the end i want to tell you that if you want best keyword for your website. And want to rank your website. And also if you have a thinking that you want to earn money from online.

By blogging,youtubing then use this best keyword research tools. After see their citeria i hope that you will must get the best result. And become able to make money online.

For use these tool for your keyword research. Just go to this page create an account take it 30 days free. Or pro version for only $20 per year.

And get the best result and start earning money. For more advantages know how to make money online.

And also you see this  how to make money from fiverr. As a seller and also buy any service with cheap price create a account as a buyer.  I hope you will get benifit to read this article stay with us and earn money from online.









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