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How to do email marketing?


email marketingEmail marketing is the smartest way today,s.For marketing anything this is the best wa,y all over the world.Email marketing means marketing, your products business and website.Through send emails.And obviously in very time. you can do this email marketing campaign.

And you can get result instant. If you can do this marketing well.But for do email marketing you have need to know first, about email marketing.Here i will tell you about how to do email marketing.

Email marketing process


For doing email marketing. you have need first to choose a software.With a good software you cannot do, email marketing anymore.So choose and pick up a best, email marketing software.Like you can choose mailchimp, mail marketing software.It,s totally free.Mailchimp only allowed you, to send 2000 email in per month.

But you can pro version of mailchimp for send unlimited emails.I mean for marketing your products./business/website to huge number of peoples.Also you can choose other email marketing. software for do marketing.But I prefer you to use mailchimp.Beacuse this is the best software ever for mail marketing.

Collect emails

After choose and take email marketing software.You have need to collect emails.All over the world over 100 billions, peoples have emails.So you can get huge emails if you can find.So collect the active and targeted email by use a can use It is very good for find any type of mails.Like you can collect gmails,emails,yahoo and others all type of mails.

For collect mails use this software. You have need search your targeted person or company name.Then use @gmail or yahoo or mails.What types of mail you want.Then enter and search in google.When google show will dhow his result.Then copy all result and enter everything in that sofware.and click on extract button.When you will extract then you can get your expected mails.So collected everything.



Create template or newsletter in mailchimp

After collect all targeted emails. You have need to create emails template.Or you can crate newsletter for doing email marketing through mailchimp.So create a beautiful mailchimp email template.

Use your products/business/website all information.Like name image description, or products price or website links.After use everything create a very beautiful email template. or newsletter for doing email marketing.


Import all emails in mailchimp

Now after create a successful email template.You have need to import your all collected emails in mailchimp contracts form.For doing this you have need first go in mailchimp contracts option.Then you have need to enter import option option.Then you can copy your all emails.and then past it in import form and set a list name.and when you have done all of these then click save.

Run campaign.

After import mail list in mailchimp.You have need to run a campaign. for doing email marketing.So now go to the campaign option.Click new campaign then set a campaign name.After put your primary email adress.your present adress and postal code.

After set evrything select your any one template. and select a mail list name.And at last when you have done everything.Then click for run campaign.Refresh that page wait a second.Now your email marketing campaign will be alive.I mean you have sent your email. to your all targeted client perfectly.

So this the real way.And only use this way. you can make any email marketing sucessfully.So for doing email marketing follow this way.And get a successful email marketing campaign. and get the best result.


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