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how to make money on youtube

You tube is one of the most favourite social media today,s. All over the world, billion of people use this  everyday. So here is big scope to make money. If you know the right way to do youtubing. Then you can,t imagine that how much money you can earn. Youtube is the most popular way to start your onlineearning today,s. So here i am to tell you briefly about how to make money on youtube. Before start youtubing you have need to know some things.And obviously you have need to understand properly. That What is youtube,how doing youtubing. And obviously how you can earn from youtubing.So follow these following steps for make money on youtube:


How To make Money On Youtube

How To make Money On Youtube:

So let,s know about this

What is youtube:

You know that,youtube is a social media. Like facebook, twitter, instragram. It  is such like a social media.Where people communicate each other through videos. It,s also like a entertainment media also. Anyone can create a videos. And he can upload his videos from his own accounts. It,s a type of social media.Where if you upload your own video. Then you videos can see the people around the world.It is a global most popular entertainment social account.


How To Make Money On Youtube:

So maybe we know properly that,what is youtube. In here we can see that billion of videos here uploded everyday.And people see that videos everyday.So If you want to make money this is a right place . Because,this is a only place where you can get huge live customers everyday.So you can earn money  from many ways. So let,s discuss about how you can earn money from youtube.


Create an account:

First of all you have need to create an account. For make money from youtube. So for create an account,you have need to create an mail account. Now Use your email account just go to the you tube and click signin. After sign in ,you have need to choose your  account name.Then you have need to create category. And fill the all information what needed to complete full signin. So when you fill everything and verify your account by your mobile number.Then your account become almost 100% verify and complete. And you got permisson to upload your videos in youtube.How To Make Money From Blogging


Upload your videos:

When your account become 100% verify.Then you can upload your videos. Yo can upload videos as your account category and  channel name. Create videos by own and upload it.And if you haven,t your own videos.Then you can edit any videos and upload it.Mind it for make money on youtube.You have need good, clear and useful videos upload.When you are doing upload videos. One things always remember that use releated tags and description when upload your videos for rank your videos. If you  you can rank your videos .Then You can earn huge money. So upload videos daily for get more viewers and subscriber.And obviously for make money on youtube.


Monetize your channel:

So now for make money on youtube . You have need to monitize your channel. This is the main thing.You have need to monitize your channel for make your earning. But youtube has a rule for monitize your channel. You have need minimum 4000 hours watch time. It,s mean you need 300000 views your videos. And also you have need 1000 subscriber minimum for monetize your channel.When you have fulfill your all requierment.Then you got monitize from youtube.And then you can make money on youtube.


Make money by show ads:

When you got monitize your youtube channel.Then you can earn from your channel by showing ads.When your videos monitize by youtube authority.Then they give ads for display in your videos.When open your videos by anyone he can see ads into videso. And when he see ads,click or give impression.You get money. So it is a very good and easy way to make money on youtube. So for make money on youtube just upload good videos. Monitize and set up ads in your videos.And by showing ads make huge money. How to Make Money From Fiverr


Make money by affialiate marketing:

You can make huge money from your youtube channel by doing affialiate marketing. It is a very good way to make money. First of all choose best affialiate sites.Who give high rate commison for per sale.Then sign up that sites.As a affialiate partner.When they approved your channel.Then collect link from your affialiate dashboaed. And in your video description place your affialiate link.Now when anyone see your video. And when he read your videos description and see and click your affialiate link.Also if he buy or sign up that products that time you got commison for per sale or sign up. So that is the best way to make money on youtube.overall affialiate marketing is one of the best way to earn money . Follow these instruction and make huge money on youtube.Know more about affialiate marketing


Make money from sponsered ads:

You can make money also from sponsered ads. If in your youtube channel has huge views and subscriber.Then you can make money from sponsered ads.For doing this when you have huge subscriber and views. Then you can offer many companies and organization. For showing their company or business ads and overview.If your channel have huge subscriber.Then obviously sponsered your channel by showing their ads.You got huge money from showing their ads. You got also huge paid member. For showing and highlight their company and business. So for doing this and make money from sponsered. Just upload huge good videos and increase subscriber. If you can doing this properly.I can assure you.That is you can make huge money on youtube by this way.


Make money by sell your products:

You can make money also by sell your products. Yes it,s true.When you have huge subscriber.Then think by yourself.If you upload anything.Then huge people can see your videos.Now if you make a videos upon your products. And when you upload your videos. Just add a good description with your products. And also add your products price in description. And give details for sell.I mean how he can sell. Now when a people see your videos.Then obviously like your products. And if he like it.He must want to buy it. So sell it your products and delivery your products to that people. And if you can do this.I assure you you can enlarge your business by selling your products. Overall youtube is a big platform for sell your products.And increase your business. And obviously make huge money.


Here is the all easiest ways to make money on youtube.So if you want really make money.Then just follow these instruction. And I am sure if you follow these instruction.You can really make huge money on youtube.For know more about online earning just go


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