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How to start a blog and make money

how to start a blog and make money

How to start a blog and make money

For make money from online blog is the best way today,s.Beacuse in all over the world thousands of peoples do blogging.And make money from online.

But for make money from blog. You have need to know properly.How to do blogging and make money.You can know about this from many place .How to start a blog and make money.But all of these articles are not trustworthy and legal.You can not earn by follow these articles.

So for make money through a blog.You have need to know first. How to start a blog and make money.Here i will describe you everything .About how to start a blog and make money step by step:

Blog means website.Where you can show your service.Articles writing,video and more thing.So for start a blog.You have need to create a website first.Without website you cannot start blog and make money.

Start to create a blog

So for create a website.Select a niche first.Niche means,About on which topics you want to write.or create video or on which topics.You want to serve your service or business.etc

You can choose any niches.Which niche you have deep knowledge .You can choose that.After choose a beautiful niche.You have need to find a best domain name.Domain name should be releated must with your niche.For best domain name.You can choose .com domain name.Beacuse .com domain name is best for search engine ranking.You can take another domain name also.So after find and get a best domain name.

You have need to buy that domain name.from a reputed domain hosting company.You can take your domain name from.Bluehost,or hostgator,or namecheap.That,s all top domain hosting provider.You can take your domain name also from other company as you want.

So buy your domain name for 3 year or 1 year as year long you want.if you buy domain name for 1 year or 3 year.Then you have need to renew and paid again after this preiod.So buy your best domain name in this way for 1 year or 3 year.

Create a blog

Now you have need to buy hosting.For create a website i mean blog. Hosting is the main thing.Beacuse if you use a good web hosting for your website.then your website speed will be first.You can upload a lot of things.Beacuse best web hosting provide huge website spaces. aAd fast speed and give many more facilities.

So Buy best web hosting.You can buy shared hosting.or dedicated.Or vip hosting.You can buy any hosting package from any reputaed web hosting company.You can see this Top 10 web hosting company all over the world for choose best hosting.

After buy good domain name and hosting. Make your website by any reputated local or international company.Or if you can then create a good website by own.You can create your website through. wordpress,joomall, css and by many many more.

So create a better website by any company or by your own.Now you have need to customize your website.So customize your website.Then design your website by your own.Or by your developer.You can buy also a premium theme design for your design.

You can get premium theme from themeforest.So create a beautiful website.Use good domain name,hosting and obviously use a good theme. Now when your website will be full ready. Then you have need to do start your main work.I mean you have need to start post your content in your website.

Make money from a blog

So now start uploading your content daily.In your website content is the main.Without content your website will not be visible in google.And you cannot do anything by your website.So upload content daily in your website.If you cannot write good content then hire content writer. 

You can contract with me for write best seo friendly article.

Then you have need to do seo for your website google ranking.If you can do good seo for your website.Then your website will be rank quickly in google.And your website will reach to more peoples.So for this do seo by your own.Or if you cannot do seo by own.Then hire seo expert from best marketplace.

Now when your website will have enough content.For your audience.Then you can make huge money through your website.From many ways.When you have enough content.Then you can make huge money through google adsnse.Or you can make money through many different ad platform.

For doing this first of apply in these ad platform for get approval.Use your website url and details.Now when you will get approved from these ad platform.Then you can show these ad platform ads in your website.And now for every page view and ads view.These ad platform will give your money.And you can earn huge money.

You can also earn money by doing affialiate marketing.You can make money also by doing cpa marketing.

So here is the proper solution. How you can start a blog and make money.If you want to make money really by doing blogging.Then follow these instruction.And stay with us for more updates about make money online.




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